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Passware Kit Forensic  2020.2

Recover all the passwords of your encrypted files in one single operation
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While most password recovery tools aim at cracking the password that encrypts your most valuable files, Passware Kit Forensic goes beyond that and claims to be capable of recovering the passwords not only of encrypted disks, but also websites, e-mail servers, network connections or your mobile and cloud backups, and even of resetting your Windows administrator password.

Forensic is the highest level among the different versions available for this tool. They go from Kit Basic to Forensic with Standard, Standard Plus, and Business in between. The main difference among versions is in the amount of file types or objects that the program can decrypt, from around 50 in the Basic edition to more than 280 file formats in the Forensic version, together with access to archives (ZIP, 7Z, RAR, etc.), bitcoin wallets, FDE decryption, Password Exchange, etc. As expected, those differences also reflect on the price tag – Kit Forensic’s is more than 20 times higher than that of Kit Basic.

Depending on the file type whose password you need to recover, the program will offer you different recovery options. Thus, passwords for PDF files can be recovered using Instant Recovery or a fast/medium Brute-Force technique. Apple iTunes backups, for instance, can only be decrypted using a slow Brute-Force attack, while many MS Office file types can be accessed again using the Instant Recovery method (the newer the version of the file, the harder it is for the program and the slower the recovery methods needed are).

The Forensic edition of Passware Kit is capable of opening nearly anything that’s been locked with a password, from USB drives to FDE (Full-Disk Encryption, such as BitLocker, McAfee or TrueCrypt), from mobile backups to cloud storage vaults, from websites to networks, from archive files to live memory images (FileVault2, VeraCrypt, etc.), you name it. The amazing thing, though, is that it can perform all those operations in one go thanks to its batch decryption capabilities, and that it can look for encrypted files on your hard drives for you in seconds.

As mentioned, the cost of enjoying the many capabilities of Passware Kit Forensic is not negligible. On the contrary, but if it does recover passwords from as many file types and products as it promises, there are instances in which the required price tag may be more than justifiable to recover information that might well be even more valuable to you or your company.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Recovers lost passwords in batches
  • Supports more than 280 file types
  • Resets Windows administrator password
  • Recovers passwords for websites and network connections
  • Finds the password to unlock encrypted disks


  • Requires a very high license fee
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